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Estate And Legacy Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning is another 'cylinder' in your overall financial plan. By taking the time to create a comprehensive Estate and Legacy Plan ensures that, when the time comes, transferring your estate to your beneficiaries is a smooth and stress-free transition.

You've worked hard for your assets, which is why it's imperative you take precautions to:

  • Save your heirs time, unnecessary paperwork, and hassles.
  • Avoid the costly and publicly available probate process.
  • Avoid unnecessary taxes and fees.
  • Avoid having your heirs argue over assets.
  • Protect beneficiaries, including young children.

We work with experienced attorneys that offer a range of Estate and Legacy Planning services, including, setting up a basic Will, establishing Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, setting up complex trusts and legacy strategies, small business documentation, and more.


  1. Generational planning is not just signing a bunch of documents. It's an exciting and even fun process of deciding what happens to your investments, house, personal items and other things after you've passed away. If done right, it's kind of a love letter to those who survived you.
  2. We will introduce and help you follow a six-step legacy planning process to start leaving your mark for the next generation.
  3. Doing nothing is a choice. Your legacy will be written by your actions and/or inaction.

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