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We firmly believe
you get what you pay for.

Our Fees

V8 Investment Advisors' fees are based on a number of factors such as the type of service, the investment, the size of the account, and the complexity. Feel free to call us and we can explain what it might be for your needs.

We are not and cannot be the lowest-cost firm out there - but we're not the most expensive either! We believe we offer value that can more than offset fees, and though it may sound like lip service: We strive to keep your management and transaction fees low and to be transparent on what you pay.

Are You A Fiduciary?

Yes, we've been putting clients' needs in front of our own long before many firms began requiring it. 

How Much Do You Know About Investing?

These days, investing in financial markets is a common practice. Yet, many Americans remain under-informed about how various investment products really work. Want to know how you rank? Challenge yourself with our brief quiz, "Test Your Investing IQ."