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Financial Planning

Effective, purposeful, intentional financial plan. You wouldn't go on a road trip without having a roadmap, right? You'd want to figure out all the stops along the way, places to eat, people to see. You wouldn't want to get lost or go down some back roads that might lead to nowhere, or even worse. 

It's the same with financial planning. We start with a candid assessment of your retirement, education or business plan, establish where you are now and then intentionally head in a specific direction – not just run around in circles.

Pulling it all Together We get all the pieces working together like a powerful engine by offering:

  • Investment Management: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Notes, and more
  • Insurance and Risk Management: Life Insurance, Annuities, Long-Term Care, Disability Income and more
  • Social Security Advice
  • Medicare Planning
  • Tax Planning: We collaborate with your accountant
  • Estate and Legacy Planning (using one of our attorneys or your own)
  • Meaningfulness, Dream Fulfillment and Charitable Gifting Assistance

Making Sense of It All: V8 Investment Advisors can make sense of the whole picture by directly managing your market-based investments, risk solutions for downside protection. We coordinate with qualified legal help to set up legacy plans. We also work directly with your tax advisor - or one we can recommend - to create a plan that can offer a more consistent, adaptable and relaxing journey. It's especially important for retirees who rely on a fixed income and proper investment management to keep cruising through retirement.

Simple is Better: Believe it or not, a very simply stated financial plan is more powerful than a binder full of a lot of fluff. We use cutting-edge software to clarify and condense what you need to know and what you need to do next into a simple one-page document that is easy to understand.

Experience Makes the Difference: With over 18 years of experience at five different prominent Michigan credit unions, we've helped literally hundreds and hundreds of clients.

*You've never had anyone on your team quite like us: in addition to offering you our financial expertise, we'll work with your attorney or tax advisor or introduce you to professionals we work with that can help you with estate and legacy planning and tax advice.