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Investment Management

An effective investment portfolio runs like a fine-tuned, well-maintained engine: it’s efficient, powerful, and reliable. But also like an engine, without proper maintenance and attention, a poorly-maintained portfolio can become less efficient, and even break down - leaving you and your loved ones stranded…

That’s why V8 Investment Advisors represents CPR Investments Inc to provide you with investments that work together like a fine-tuned engine.

CPR Investments Inc. Since their inception in 2006, CPR Investments Inc. has embraced the philosophy of “Achievement Through Action” to help us steadily and consistently grow our clients’ funds while mitigating losses.

They accomplish this through:

Tactically Managing Assets

We tactically manage accounts on a day-to-day basis to create opportunities for return by investing in areas of maket strength. While that does not necessarily mean there will be transactions on a daily basis, it does allow for the possibility depending on changing market conditions.

Multi-manager Investment Portfolios

Many of our investment strategies are run daily to evaluate current short-term market trends. Because our strategies are quantitative, objective, and mathematical, we remove the emotional human factor from the investing equation to help ensure lower volatility and more consistent returns.

Proactively Managing Risk

Our investment strategies seek to reduce and manage risk through tactical asset allocation, reducing exposure to weak industry sectors and index funds and moving to 100% cash, or in some strategies to "inverse" funds, in cases of extreme market volatility.

Their strategy to help you achieve your investment dream is simple: mitigate the potential for large losses when the market is down and grow your assests when the market is strong.

How CPR Investments Inc is Different: You won’t find a mix of investments quite like CPRs anywhere else! We offer a mix of investments options that include:

Carefully selected Investment Managers, each having different tactical management styles

Diversification through multiple disciplined investment processes, not just asset allocation

Tactically mangaged investments designed to offer downside risk mitigation.