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Social Security Advice

Cruising through retirement hinges on maximizing your Social Security benefits. V8 Investment Advisors can help you carefully understand and weigh out a number variables before you hit the gas, such as your:

  1. Health Status
  2. Life Expectancy
  3. Need for Income
  4. Survivor Needs
  5. Retirement Date
  6. Spousal considerations
  7. Many other variables

Sadly, many people don't consider the implications around when they take Social Security because of the seemingly endless number of strategies involved.

At V8 Investment Advisors, we'll focus on strategies you should consider before taking Social Security, like:

  1. If I take Social Security before my full retirement age (FRA):
    1.  and I need the income, how should I invest all my other assets?
    2.  and I don't need the income, how should I invest it?
  2. If I wait to take Social Security so I can get a higher monthly income, might I live long enough to “get back” all the years that I didn't take it?
  3. If I'm married, should my spouse and I start taking income at the same time?
  4. If I don't want to work, what assets could I draw from that would cover expenses?

V8 Investment Advisors can help answer these questions so you can make a confident choice.

The Hazardous Road to Taking Social Security

Did you know that the Social Security Office often makes mistakes? Did you know that it's not their responsibility to ask you even some of the most basic questions that might affect your financial decisions?

Questions such as:

  • What other assets do you have? When do you anticipate using them? What is their expected growth and rate of return?
  • Do you anticipate a significant decrease in non-Social Security income or increase in expenses, now and in the future, for you and your spouse?
  • Do you anticipate a future lump sum of money?
  • Are there future financial obligations that may significantly reduce your wealth?
  • Will you or your spouse continue to work and take Social Security at the same time?
  • What is the health and expected life spans of you and your significant other?

It's therefore important to educate you on your options, so you can make the best possible decision to hit the gas and make traction.

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