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Tax Planning

As we review and begin to assemble a comprehensive financial plan, we’ll discuss your current tax plan: if you already have a trusted tax advisor that offers proactive, forward-looking tax help, we’d love to work with them!

However, if you don't have one, we can introduce you to one - even if it’s just to work alongside your own tax advisor for a short time, or to give you a second opinion. Some of the tax advisors we work with are from Michigan, but the more specialized tax professionals come from all over the nation.

The Huge Benefits of PROactive Tax Planning

Although V8 Investment Advisors and CPR Investments Inc are NOT tax advisors and CANNOT offer tax advice, we do work with forward-looking, proactive tax advisors that can make a huge difference for you. These tax advisors take the time to ask you more in-depth questions, review your past taxes and thoroughly consider your situation before making suggestions. They typically deliver more value to their clients by offering comprehensive and proactive tax planning that concentrates on what your future returns are going to look like.

Here are just some of the things a good tax advisor can help you with:

  1. Avoiding tax penalties.
  2. Understanding new tax laws and how they affect your personal and business taxes.
  3. Planning tax changes as you move through retirement.

PLEASE NOTE: V8 Investment Advisors and CPR Investments Inc are separately owned and are NOT tax advisors or Attorneys and do not offer tax or legal advice.

Common Tax Errors to Avoid

Filing your taxes can be an involved process, and accidental errors can be easy to make. Grab this handy guide to get some tips to avoid some common filing errors.