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Why V8 Investment Advisors

V8 is a common type of gasoline engine used by literally all of the big auto manufacturers, and installed in literally 100s of millions of cars over the past century. If you live in the USA, guaranteed you've owned or at least been in one at some point.

Like the V8 Engine, V8 Investment Advisors is a business that strives to be reliable, adaptable, predictable, and of course: powerful. What better analogy than a V8 engine, which for years has been the trusted power source of station wagons, work trucks, boats, farm equipment, and of course race cars.

Why V8 Engines?

When I was in high school, I rebuilt my first engine and won an engine rebuild contest. It was a thrill for me because I got to see how a well-oiled machine works, where all the parts have reason and a place in the engine to keep it stable and running well. My teacher explained to me that I was witnessing the culmination of over 100 years of experience from thousands of designers, entrepreneurs, mechanics and of course feedback from the V8 owners themselves. By itself, it's just a strange and unnatural chunk of metal; with all of its components - perfectly placed and well-oiled - it runs unnaturally well, converting liquid gas into raw power. It stunned me.

And I wanted a business that would run the same way: Reliable. Adaptable. Predictable. Powerful. So I set about realizing my dream of putting together a team of people that would help me fulfill that dream.